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 Ray French Orchards is a smaller orchard located in Richland, Washington.  We are one of few orchards that still incorporate u-pick.  We now have 66 acres of Cherries, Peaches, Nectarines, and Apples.  Amongst the different types of fruit their are also 24 different varieties.  Harvest will begin in June and usually come to an end around the later part of October.  It's a great experience to have the opportunity to pick your own fruit off the trees and it's a fun activity for children to do as well.  Hope to see you soon!


We are the Ray French family.  Ray French Sr. built his dreams around this orchard in 1960.  He started out with 160 acres of land covered in sagebrush, that later developed into Bing Cherries and Red Haven Peaches.  Later in 1971 he also planted apples.  Before the idea of u-picking came about, all of the fruit in the orchard was sold commercially.  In the years that followed the French's opened up a fruit stand with already picked fruit and it wasn't until the late 80's that the orchard was opened up for u-pick.

Ray French Orchard was primarily run by Ray French Sr., Miriam French and their three boys, Robin, Ray and Tom.  In 1992, Robin French began managing the orchard for his father.  Since then,  Robin has added many different varieties of fruit, including Donut peaches (which were originally ordered by mistake) and the juicy white peaches.
Ray French Sr. passed away in July 2009, at the age of 90.  Robin Hopes to continue on with his fathers dream. 



Q. What forms of payments do we accept?
A.  We accept cash and checks, but do not accept any form of debit/credit card.

Q. Can dogs be taken into the orchard? 

A. We apologize, but we are no longer allowing dogs in the orchard. 


Q. Are all the peaches the same?

A. No,there are many different varieties of peaches. There are white-fleshed peaches, which tend to be full of juices and sugar and yellow-fleshed peaches, that have more acid. Non-melting peaches are peaches that have flesh that will not soften after its canned and melting flesh peaches are peaches that ripen or become softer after you can. Last but not least, there is the peento peach, otherwise known as the donut peach.

Q. Can I pick up the fruit off of the ground?

A. No...You can absolutely not pick fruit up off the ground because of e-coli.

Q. Do I have to pay for all of the fruit I pick?

A. Yes, you have to pay for the fruit that you pick, even if your children picked unripe fruit you still have to pay for it.


Q.  How does u-pick work?

A.  When you get up to the fruit stand please park your car in designated parking area.  Come up to the fruit stand get a bucket and directions.  Then you will head out into the orchard, pick as much fruit as you'd like and come back up to the fruit stand.  We will weigh your buckets to see how many pounds of fruit you picked and multiply it by the price.  Then you will empty out your fruit into your own containers to take home.  Note:  If you'd like to bring your own picking containers make sure you weigh them before you put fruit into them. 

Q.  Why are the prices different from last year?

A. The cost of operating the orchard has raised.


Q.   Where can I get a fruit tree?

A.  It really depends on what variety of tree you'd like.  Certain fruit trees you may have to buy in bulk and others you may not be able to buy because of  the patent.  We buy some of our trees  from Van Well Nursery.

Q.  What should I wear?

A.  You should wear comfortable clothes.  We recommend that you wear jeans (there are little stickers out in the orchard and its easier to get them out of jeans instead of cotton/lighter materials) and tennis shoes, something you don't mind getting dirty.


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